Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Low carb menu

- Chicken sausage mushroom casserole
- More chicken sausage mushroom casserole (omg this is so good)
- Two sausage patties with sugar free syrup
- Two peanut butter cookies
- Half a waffle with sugar free syrup

This casserole is amazing. My girlfriend and I agree that it's freaking amazing. She loves sausage and mushrooms, so it's no shock that we both love it. It really does taste like stuffing. Instead of only adding one stalk of celery, I added three stalks.

She made waffles after she worked all day (and even did the dishes - how lucky am I???) and they are too good. I can't believe that waffles come out of the ingredients she uses. Low carb cooking never ceases to amaze me - that is for sure.


  1. The casserole looks absolutely delicious. I may even make that to enjoy on a freeday.

  2. Cro will kiss you if you make this for him! It's too darn good.