Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 127 Low Carb

Day 127 Low Carb

- Roast beef with reduced sugar ketchup
- Oopsie roll
- 1/4 cup peas*
- Low carb pound cake with splenda-sweetened strawberries and whipped cream
- 100 calorie pack cocoa roasted almonds (I'm glad these are gone)
- Peanut butter cheesecake with whipped cream
- Turkey, cheese, romaine lettuce, tomato and mayo on an oopsie roll

*Peas are not low carb! However, they seemed like the best option at the roast beef luncheon I attended. My grandma takes us every year and it's usually a total binge-fest for me and the home made pies! Peas are an old favorite of mine. I skipped corn, cole slaw, apple sauce, rolls and all of the home made desserts. Trust me, I ate a lot of roast beef and I told the pea man, "half a scoop."


  1. I only like raw peas, LOL (you know in the pea pods...)

  2. It's totally not fair that peas are not low carb. It's also very not fair that brussels sprouts are 8 calories per sprout (I used to hate them so much that I feel they should have been negative calories). I like them now, but still.

  3. Nancy, Oohh snap peas! I just tried those a couple months ago... they are so good!

    Oct, I think Brussels sprout ought to contain as much fiber as a whole head of cabbage! I think they are just so cute.