Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 141

Day 141 Low Carb

- Meat sauce (marinara) served over spaghetti squash
- 1/2 chicken salad sandwich on an oopsie roll


  1. we were in food sync yesterday...I also had chicken salad on an oopsie...ha ha

  2. That is too funny!!!

    Chicken salad and oopsies go together like peas and carrots ;)

  3. I made spagetti squash once and it was ok, I wasnt thrilled. But I made it in microwave. May be its time to do it the way you do it and bake it. I used to eat a lot of shirataki noodles, which I loved royally. Have you tried it? Its made of special fiber and calcium. I miss it and will start using it again at some point.

  4. I kept thinking that there was somthing missing here and I just realized its the day 141 having fun in the sun or something like that, LOL But of course that would not work cause its no sunny out....ha ha!