Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 144 - Low Carb

Day 144 Low Carb

- Nancy's chunky chicken vegetable soup
- Chicken salad with deluxe American cheese on an oopsie roll


  1. ooh, i must try to make that soup. I was doubtful when I saw the photo with "noodles" but then was excited when I read how the noodles contain only egg and heavy cream. nice nice nice.

  2. That soup recipe looks good, I want it cause I have a cold!!
    How do the noodles taste? Are they noodle-y or eggy?
    Also does it save in the fridge well for a couple of days or would the noodles get soggy?

  3. This soup is amazing! Honestly, with the heavy cream, the noodles don't taste eggy (to me at least). I think the trick to the eggs is to not pour them too thick when you are making them in your skillet.

    It holds up VERY well in the fridge and the freezer. I made a huge pot last time using 2 whole chickens and I froze it in quart-size freezer bags.

    Get well soon, Nancy! This was wonderful when I was under the weather.