Saturday, August 1, 2009

2 Months In: Obligatory Progress Pics: 33+ lbs down

Okay, guys... here are my monthly progress pics! I'm wearing the same outfit as I was a month ago... Do I look any different? I still feel the same... but slowly, I'm learning to love myself more each day at a time. Taking care of myself involves feeding my body the right kind of fuel.

Oh, to Nancy... a word about making the oopsie rolls... If you have them, I would definitely recommend that you use muffin top pans to help them keep their shape. Another tip is beat the egg whites until they are SOOO stiff. Good luck and I'm warning you - your low carb life will never be the same after you try one of Cleochatra's oopsies!

Boo for bad lighting in the last one! I promise, next month... better lighting! Maybe even outdoor pics??

More monthly pics and daily menus to go! It's my goal that on October first, when I post you are like... oooh who is that girl?

Have a fabulous August, everybody! Remember, this month is going to pass by no matter if we work toward our goals or let life pass us by... If I can do this... anybody can!

~Angie, Atkineer for life


  1. I can see a difference! A little less of you in these pictures! Good job!
    I need to go take pics of me too, I'll get my daughter to take my picture tomorow...
    thanks for the tip...i wil go get a muffin top pan tomorow!