Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 71 Low Carbohydrate Food Logue

DAY 71

-Two tacos on cauliflower taco shells with lettuce, onion, seasoned ground beef, sour cream and hot salsa
-Cinnamon cheesecake
-French toast made from oopsie roll with Walden's Sugar Free syrup, sausage patty and scrambled eggs with deluxe cheese

I finally quit smoking cigarettes! Last time, I quit for over 40 days, but this time, I'm quitting for good. They smell gross, make me breathe loudly at night, and quite frankly, I want one right now. However, it's mind-over-matter and I've already made the decision to quit.

Last time I quit (briefly), I let that be an excuse to over-eat and pack on the pounds, but this time will not be like that again. I will not fill that void with food... Well, I might just a little, but you better bet your bottom dollar it will be low-carb! It just seems like I'm hungrier now than I was before, but I will not let that come in my way.

I donated my camels to my camel-smoking brother. I rounded up over 24 packs of cigarettes from around the house. Gross!


  1. I'm glad you have quit smoking, you will feel so much better!

    I quit after 15 years of smoking and I did it kicking and screaming. I got blood clots in my lungs following surgery and I could NOT smoke again after that, or I would die. So I cried and shrieked in the ICU! But let me tell you, something like that happens, you suddenly remember what your lungs are for. AIR. I will never again take my lungs for granted.

    My hubby quit also a couple of years ago. I truly respect people who do not require a LUNG problem to quit like I did! So bravo to you Angie! I know you can do it! (are you using the patch or anything like that? If you have gone cold turkey and get to a point where you might break out and smoke a cigarette, go get the patch, it will get you over that hurdle. If you went cold turkey you would not require that biggest patch, probably just the smallest one. My hubby quit using those and it took him 2 years to do it (he smoked more than me) but all ways are good if they lead you to a smoke free existance. Also for a time after the patch he used the nicotine gum, now and then. And eventually he just stopped all that stuff and is fine now.

  2. Nancy... Thanks so much for the encouragement! Your story has really helped me and I think that I will get a small patch, just in case.

    Better than going back to the cigarette! Today was very bad as I spent the whole day dealing with the phone company on the phone.... wanted one soooo bad!