Monday, August 10, 2009

Thoughts on Weight Loss...

I'm not sure why this was such a revelation to me, but a few months ago, I had a thought....

If there was is not a PHYSICAL reason that a person is overweight, then what is it? It's an EMOTIONAL/MENTAL issue!

Now, I know I'm no genius, but it seems like somebody who has been fat over 80% of their life... and has put a lot of thought into it (or maybe denial?), would realize this.

All this time, I figured I was fat because I didn't like to exercise... I loved microwave popcorn and humburger helper in huge quantities... I was fat because I was too poor to afford healthier food... I would deal with it later. When even the 3x women's shirts were getting tight, I knew that I had to make a life change. These were all my excuses.

It seemed like I could not go a day without going on a diet, yet I could never stick to it for more than 1-2 days. It was almost as though some part of me did not believe that I was going to stick to a plan. It's kind of like a parent who grounds a kid for a week, yet never enforces it.

Anyway, another thing I realized was I wasn't fooling anybody about my eating habits. It was obvious to the world that I was a compulsive over-eater. I'm still dealing with years of abusing my body with food. Ultimately, that is what it is.

Something clicked about 10 days into my journey... I began to think of my body as a car and food as fuel. Now, I would certainly not dump windex into my car... So why on earth would I poison my own body... that I have to live in?

Well, I still do want to binge... to get that "sooo filled up" feeling, and I will admit to eating past the point of contentness at times... which does not make sense.

All in all, it's a mental thing... which I'm starting to get in check.... because I thought I was fat years before I really was even fat... which led to me being fat....


  1. I have to agree its the mind that first decides the body is fat and then the body follows.

    I still want to eat a ton...mostly I dont. But sometimes I will eat more than a serving. The good news is on low carb, you might stop yourself from losing weight by eating a little too much, but you wont pack on the pounds. So the question after a meal is, do I want to weigh less tomorow, or do I mind just maintaining my weight?

    there is alot that goes into why people are overweight to begin with, I dont think there is ONE single reason.

  2. Angie your blog isnt showing up when you click on your name probably because you have your profile hidden. In order to make it appear, go to Edit Profile and then check that first little box that says "share my profile"

  3. Angie,

    Your revelation is in line with a certain view that I've come to hold. For some people, mentally healing leads to physical improvement. This is why therapy and support groups sometimes work. For others, mental healing comes as a byproduct of the physical process.

    I still have plenty of psychological baggage. But I do maintain that my physical path to health has assisted me along the road to mental/spiritual healing as well.

    I'm happy that I found your blog again. Turns out I was already following you and simply misplaced that information in my brain somewhere. Doh! :-(

  4. Harry - You are right... which is why I lean toward holistic healing.. It just makes sense. Everything is intertwined... physically/mentally maybe.

    Nancy- I totally agree with you. There is no one reason...

    Thanks so much for the comments, guys!

  5. Wow... Such wisdom. You really have a way of sharing your thoughts. This was so touching.