Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 79 Low Carb Daily

DAY 79 Food Journal

- Two eggs scrambled in butter with cheddar cheese and a sausage patty
- Patty melt on an oopsie roll with tomato, swiss and mayo
- Two wet burritos with salsa and sour cream


  1. OMG Angie i just realized you are ONE pound from having a 40 pound weigh loss!! Thats inspiring!!

    in answer to your question on my blog I got the True Lime at Haggen grocery store, but I know its available at Amazon etc. (I should add it to my Amazon store.) But I know that our grocery store JUST recently got it, they had True Lemon for a long time though, and I think I could have used that instead of Lime.

    You know I modified that recipe though, I didnt have any "fiberfit" so I just used a few teaspoons of Splenda. Next time I'm going to try Stevia...

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Nancy!

  3. WOW Angie! Almost 40 pounds down! That's my goal - very inspiring... Can't wait to try your wet burritos. Keep it up, girl!!

    Best, Mad
    Mrs Harry

  4. Mad,

    I love all the pictures of your cooking that your hubby posts!!! You must tell us the secret to those peppers of yours!