Saturday, August 1, 2009

You might on on Atkins if...

I've been thinking a lot about Atkins and I came up with is fun little list this morning:

You might be on Atkins if....
1. Cream cheese is now considered a staple.
2. You have a sweet tooth... so you debate about which kind of cheesecake to make.
3. You've decided the oopsie was the greatest invention... way better than sliced bread.
4. You've started scouting out sources for crushed nuts... or you grind them yourself.
5. Your new favorite store is the local meat market.
6. You laugh at and feel sorry for those hungrily munching on 100 calorie snack packs.
7. You've turned last night's leftovers into this morning's omelet.
8. You've discovered yet another use for cauliflower!
9. You stock up on shredded cheddar when it goes on sale.
10. You eat bacon wrapped, cheese-stuffed hot dogs... to stay on-plan, of course.

I know I've seen something similar out there, but this is my way to see if somebody is on Atkins! hehe!



  1. ha ha
    so true
    #10 seems hilarious, but totally on plan ha ha ha

  2. Nancy, glad you got a little giggle out of it. Cream cheese... not just for bagels anymore!

  3. LOL I'm going through your blog to learn more about your health journey. You're so funny.