Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 62 Low Carb Food Logue

DAY 62

-Turkey with swiss, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo an an oopsie roll (pictured)
-Zucchini lasagna
-Small ice cream sundae (breyer's low carb 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream) with 2 squirts whipped cream and 1 tsp walnuts
-Raw almonds - 2 oz
-Sausage, egg and cheese on an oopsie roll (egg microwaved in small, round, microwaveable container)

You can see some old food menus over here.

If you are doing daily menus, please leave me a comment with your blog address and I will definitely link you. I'm nosy and I love to see what other people are eating... especially people on Atkins like me. I really love to keep on Jimmy Moore's low carb food menu.


  1. OMG i must make oopsie rolls!!! Thanks for posting or I never would have known they existed!

    (found you while blog hopping...hello...:-D)

  2. Welcome, Nancy! Nice to have you on board! OMG, yeah, you have to make them! I tried them a couple times before I got them exactly right, but once you master the consistency, you will never go back. I've been known to even sneak a ketchup-less whopper onto an oopsie... shhhh!