Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 69 Tacos on Induction-Friendly Shells

DAY 69 Low Carb Food Journal

- Turkey with Kraft Deluxe cheese with bacon, mayo and tomato on an oopsie roll
- Two tacos on cauliflower taco shells with ground beef with taco seasoning, taco cheese, hot salsa, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream

It was my first time making the shells, but wow, they sure are strong! Like, VERY pliable, strong, can hold a ton of stuff and best of all, these are induction-friendly on Atkins. A bag of cauliflower makes twelve different shells. My mom could not stop raving about how great the shells were. You would NEVER guess they contain a whole pound of cauliflower, that is for sure. There is not even a hint of that taste, in my opinion.

Click to enlarge photo for taco shell goodness.


  1. I need to make these! I also want to make tostada shells and let them get crunchy cause I miss crunchy!

    I finally answered your question about cayenne pepper but I am going to paste it here so you dont have to go search my blog, cause its been a while since you asked me about that..:

    Angie sorry it took me so long to answer you, I wanted to make sure my grocery store still carried it before I told you cayenne pepper was available at the store. But it is. I always buy McCormick brand, in a teensy little circular plastic container. But I noticed McCormick is the only one that makes it, so you need to find a store that has a McCormick spice display and it will be there. But you know how they are always alphabetical? Well it was not in with the other C's it was with the R's because it is labeled Red Pepper and then in smaller letters it says Ground Cayenne. Weird huh!

  2. Wow... Yeah that is weird about the cayenne. No wonder I've never heard of it before! You know what, we do have crushed red pepper... wonder if I could get away with using that.

    Yeah, I just love the taco shells! You have to try them. I just wish I had somebody to come over and scrub the pan, because it can be pretty bad. This is my first time making them and I'm very amazed and how good they are, even as leftovers.

    I just put them between parchment paper and warmed up my meat. They are so awesome!