Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 87: I'm in low carb cookie heaven

DAY 87

- Mockafoni and cheese with ketchup - small serving
- Two BLTs with mayo on oopsie rolls
- A bowl of easy chunky chicken soup*
- Turkey and deluxe american cheese with mayo on an oopsie
- Two low carb snickerdoodles**

Exercise: 27 minutes recumbent bike

*I actually made a huuuuge batch of this stuff... I used over two whole chickens. It's so healthy and good and I love having it in the freezer for quick and easy meals later.

**These snickerdoodles are probably the best low carb sweet treat I've ever eaten.... and you all know I have a sweet tooth! This was the first time I've made them and I was amazed by the taste! They were also very easy to whip up. I was in and out of the kitchen. I did add an extra egg to bulk it up a little because the batter did not look like much, and they were wonderful. I also added a tablespoon of extra almond flour to kind of soak up the extra egg. These are absolutely amazing. I think that I will take them to Christmas parties where I want cookies too... and I promise, nobody will even realize these are low-carb. The important thing is to refrigerate the batter before scooping your cookies out. With zero-carb sweetener, these have less than one carb per cookie. My batch made 19 small-medium cookies. Linda Sue was not kidding when she said these are addictive.


  1. i am going to make those cookies! They look yummy!!

  2. Many thanks, Angie! I'm going to tell Mad about these! :-)

  3. I know you will love these cookies!