Thursday, January 12, 2012

Low carb menu, cheap almond flour and etc

- Half pound cheese burger patty with tomato, mayo, mustard and low carb ketchup with unpotato salad (with diced bell pepper added)
- Seven chicken breast nuggets, breaded with Parmesan cheese with low carb honey mustard
- One strawberry
- Three low carb pancakes with sugar free syrup
- A few bites of crock bot beef stroganoff

Exercise: Ripped in 30, week one by Jillian "Ripped" Michaels

If you are looking for a cheap place to order almond flour (within the USA), then you must try almond flour from Honeyville! It's 29.99 plus shipping but they have a deal through January 17th to get 20% off your order, with the coupon code of 2012. That is a really good price for a five pound bag. We already have some, but I'm tempted to take advantage of that offer. I also ordered Wheat Protein Isolate 8000 from there and I've had great success with their products.

I stole some tastes of the beef stroganoff while I was seasoning it. It's sooo good! I borrowed Dana Carpender's low carb crock pot cooking book from the library and it's quite good and was very easy to whip up. Beef round was on sale at our local supermarket (as were boneless, skinless chicken breasts) so that usually dictates what is on our menu for the week.

My brother is an RN and I have an aunt who is an RN, also. My godmother was an LPN-turned-office manager and they have all loved their careers. My brother actually is head nurse at a very large hospital frequently and he is good at what he does. A doctor offered to pay for him to go back to school to be his physician's assistant, but he really enjoy his career as a nurse.

To get on with it, my girlfriend plans to eventually be an RN, but first she is going to go to CNA training, which is exciting. It will involve a substantial pay raise plus she will get to work indoors and with patients, which she adores. She works as an assistant manager at a quickie oil shop, which can be quite stressful, believe it or not. She needs to take two classes before she can begin CNA training and we have a few more months to wait before she can be considered for in-state tuition. After she moved here, she couldn't get her driver's license for a few months because we were waiting on her out-of-state birth certificate.

The good news is, my brother told my mom to have my gf call him because he said that he can tell her how to get her CNA training paid for, which is awesome.

I've been getting around a lot better now and I even find myself doing laundry (in the basement), cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, doing cooking and dishes and feeling like I am hardly even needing my cane anymore. I do try and use it because when I don't, I do experience pain around the hardware in my knee from my osteotomy and the surgeon has the rule "no pain, no limp" for me as far as using my cane goes.

My 87 year old grandmother lost her last sibling, which is quite sad. She was one of six or seven kids so she never thought she would be the last one kicking. Just this past Christmas, she joked with her only remaining 92 year old sister that she didn't want to be the last one. Her sister assured her that she was going to outlive her, and my grandmother is just still quite shocked by this news. She is not up to going to the funeral, as it's about 11 hours of a drive each way and her energy level has been dwindling. She still does great for her age, still drives her friends around who are younger than her, recently stopped volunteering in the past year and still maintains an active social life.

My mom's radiation for her breast cancer (which is now gone) is taking quite a toll on her. I think she has about a dozen more zaps of radiation left and she is really in pain in the breast that had the cancer. That is where they are zapping her and she says that it hurts so bad that she can't even wear a bra. It's just really painful and almost like a sunburnt feeling. She will be back to work within a month, I think and I know she can't wait. She thought her sick pay re-started in January, but as it turns out, it would not re-start until March, so she is eager to get back to work as soon as possible. My girlfriend and I will have to bop over there to see her soon because her grand doggies always make her smile and she is fun to hang out with, too. My gf says that seeing my mom really eases her homesickness. Maybe we will take some pork chops and low carb lemon strawberry muffins or something fun like that.

On a lighter note, we have to hit the grocery store when we go there to get the locally-famous coney dogs! Coney dogs were made founded in Jackson, Michigan, which is my birthplace and you can actually buy authentic coney meat in one-pound tubs at various local grocery stores near my mom's house. It's kind of sad because all of the Todoroff's that were coney places closed. The deli that I used to work at served coney dogs (and probably still do) and I always made myself coney meat salads, which were shockingly good and quite low carb. No, it was not on the menu, but they let us deli girls make whatever we felt like in the kitchen. My colleagues would cringe at my "coney meat salad," but they have no clue what they were missing! If the ingredients are listed on the coney meat container, you bet your bottom dollar that I will be experimenting with the recipe!


  1. Thank you for the tip on almond flour.

    It's very cool that your gf is going to become an RN. I hope your brother can help her with knowledge on how to get the CNA training for free. That is awesome. I've thought about doing something in the medical field too (usually when stress is high and the economy is low, lol). I'm sure I'm not the only one who makes plans like that but stays with what they know.

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's sister. And hope your mom gets through the last radiation treatments quickly. Lemon strawberry muffins are sure to cheer her spirits (It would mine!).

  2. What is a CNA? Hazarding a guess: community nursing assistant?

  3. CNA stands for certified nurse's aid.

    Yeah he told her just to call around and a lot of places will pay for your training if you give them a six month commitment to work for them afterward, which really is not bad at all.