Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Low carb menu

- Chef salad with ham, hard boiled egg, celery, cheese and ranch
- Cheese omelet
- Two low carb pancakes
- One and a half pieces of low carb pound cake with Splenda-sweetened strawberries and home made whipped cream
- Low carb cheesecake brownie
- Four parm-breaded chicken tenderloins

The organization has begun! I have four boxes (one really big) to donate to Goodwill and I am so excited about cleaning out my closet. My art supplies are finally getting sorted out and I'm getting rid of a slew of stuff that I don't need. Then the art fun can begin!

My knee has been hurting so badly. My doctor says "no pain, no limp" regarding my reconstructive knee surgery (open wedge osteotomy), which leads me to believe that I should lay off it when there is pain. I don't want to get overly ambitious and screw up the healing process. Yeah, I'm excited about getting in shape and it's important to me, but not at the expense of my knee. So I think the Ripped in 30 is on hold just until the pain subsides. I lost most of my weight without a lot of exercise anyway... That is what is so good about low carb. But I can still use my ab roller, right??

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