Friday, January 27, 2012

Low carb menu

- Ham/broccoli/red pepper/cauliflower cheesy casserole
- Two pieces of low carb pizza with parm and ranch
- Three tuna patties with an oopsie roll, cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo and low carb ketchup
- Low carb lemon pound cake with low carb lemon frosting
- Chef salad with egg, ham, celery, red peppers, ranch and cheese

Vadim, you have found my blog before! It's been a while and you have a lot going on, so I'm not surprised if you don't remember... We were both on the blog roll for Jimmy Moore's low carb menu blog... That is how I found you! It was years ago, but I'm sure you remember... Along with Shezug and Oct, too! You left me comments over the years, so I know you have been to my blog before, but it just has changed format and my pic is different on my blogger profile.


  1. Angie?! I remember you now. Oh my, you do look different. Is it the haircut lol? Just kidding. But you do look different and congratulation on the weight loss. You look sizzling!

  2. @Vadim She's as gorgeous as she always was. You might be in need of an eyecheck. lol. ; )

    She is more sizzling than you could imagine. Trust me on this one bro. I should know.

    @Ang Love you baby...

  3. Vadim, yeah it must be the haircut, lol. I feel so much better now that I lost a whole person!

    Angie, you are too funny.