Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 107 Low Carb: Morbidly Obese Teens on Tyra

Day 107

- Low carb peanut butter vanilla protein shake with shredded coconut and stevia
- Low carb macaroons
- Swiss grilled cheeseburger with tomato, onion, mayo, mustard and reduced sugar ketchup on an oopsie roll
- Josie's spaghetti squash monterey *
- Taco bake with salsa and sour cream

*I've never made this before, but it's YUMMY. It's definitely a keeper. I used hot pepper jack cheese.

Finally, I heard some great advice on television! I love the Tyra show... she is so real. She has obese teens on her show today... All of the female teens are at least one hundred, in some cases two hundred pounds overweight... I really expected them to put these girls on low-fat diets.... just because that is what I've come to expect from TV. Guess what! The nutritionist who came out told them that they will not be counting calories or weighing themselves.... I was hopeful.

"The only thing you will be counting," Jorge Cruise told the hopeful girls, "is sugar and carbohydrates..." Sweet success! Finally, giving the super morbidly obese a plan that they can stick to... and will work! Go Tyra for highlighting a plan that works!


  1. whaaaaaaaat!!!???? Cool! I love Jorge Cruise...he is pretty up on the newest dieting things and always has been. He has a great exercise book series called 8 minutes in the morning.

    Still I wasnt sure if Jorge knew about low carb, apparently now he does! I hope he writes a book about it, we need more well known diet guru's embracing low carb.

    I also love Tyra! People make fun of her for not being serious enough, but I love her, watching her show always makes me feel better about whatever. I wonder if I have missed the show...need to go check...

  2. Good for Tyra! Low carb are quite controversial today just as they were years ago. Kudos to her for keeping it real. And I for one love big girls. They are sweet, kind and real! The only time I would ever ask the girl to lose weight is for health reason. But its just me!

  3. That is encouraging! Seeing people so young and so overweight makes me sad. On the other hand, I love to see the success stories that sometimes arise from those circumstances!

    BTW, how are you enjoying the coconut/peanut butter shakes?

  4. Nancy... I think he was calling it the belly fat cure, a plan he came up with I believe... I may take a look at that book. I just love that he was singing the praises of low carb and nobody looked at him like he was an alien.

  5. Vadim -

    Fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go round!

    You are right... low carb can be very controversial... People think we are eating crazy foods... How is eating what our ancestors have eaten for years now barbaric?

    If anybody asks how I'm losing my weight, I always tell them "low-carb" or "Atkins" because I really want the word to get out. Of course, they always look at me like I'm a mutant and quickly change the subject.

  6. Harry,

    The shakes are amazing! I woke up this morning ravenous, so I just whipped up another PB Coconut one and now I'm set for hours. Thanks again for posting your recipes so I can steal them from you... :)


  7. Jorge Cruise has apparently changed his tune because he wrote a book a few years back saying how low-carb diets make you fat:

    My review of The 3-Hour Diet

  8. Wow, it looks like he sure has changed his tune... That is awesome! He probably came across study after study where low carbers actually lost weight... or something like that.