Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shirt Surprise

Okay... So I know I've lost over forty pounds so far... but I guess that I really didn't notice that it HAS had a huge effect on how I look... and what I fit into.

Before I started my journey, you may remember that I was quite upset because women's size 3x shirts were even very tight on me. I'm still wearing some of the 3x and 2x shirts... and I've noticed that they are getting a little roomier. This morning, I was going through a pile of donations that we are sending to Goodwill... and I came across a shirt that my mom is donating with the tags still on it. It is size 16/18 (XL). I wondered if I should dare try it on. I don't even remember ever wearing this size... I took a deep breath and tried it on. IT FIT!! I thought, no freaking way! I checked the size again and sure enough... it was from the regular section of the store! Not the "Plus" size! I can't believe how monumental this feels for me. I fit into a shirt from the regular women's department! I have never even thought about shopping in a regular section in a store. This is HUGE!

Guess I'll keep on keeping on because I have a long way to go... but I'm getting there!


  1. Hurray!!! I'm so happy for you!! 40 pounds WOULD be several sizes down so it makes sense!
    I have not lost as much as you, but I have lost enough so that my regular clothes feel a little loose. Before, I was SQUEEZING into my clothes and stretching some of the shirts out just to fit and not buy new ones. The day I get a new shirt in a smaller size I will be excited for sure! I also am looking forward to the day I can buy a dress, havent bought one of those in ages!

    PS..what kind of editing work do you do? Thats cool we have something in common!

  2. Nancy - I do search engine optimization and I also review content and do content creation for websites. I'm such a nerd... so it's fun!

    Thanks for the comment, my fellow writing buddy :)