Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 122 Low Carb Living

Day 122 Low Carb

- Pork chop with just like stuffed baked potato and reduced sugar ketchup
- Cocoa roasted almonds (2-100 calorie packs)
- Hamburger with deluxe American cheese, mayo, onion, tomato and lettuce on an oopsie... dipped in reduced sugar ketchup
- Too many Low carb pancakes with no carb pancake syrup, two sausage patties and one egg with a slice of dexluxe American cheese
- 1.5 pieces peanut butter cheesecake with whipped cream

Most of the day today, I felt like I was just eating because I wanted to eat, not because I was hungry. Well, I was hungry for breakfast... but the rest of the day, I used food for other-than-sustenance reasons... Me acknowledging it means that I can change it. (Am I Dr. Phil yet?) Sometimes, I just feel like I want to eat, and that is crap. Food is fuel.... simply. When I first started this journey, I was very in-tune with my body and listening to my hunger, which is actually not that hard to do when you are eating low-carb. Before low-carb, controlling my hunger was laughable.... because I was mostly feeling those highs and lows of the sugar/startch crap.

Vadim, I feel much better now... energy-wise... mood-wise... and I find that with 46 less pounds on me, it's just easier to get around... but mind you - I'm still overweight and I'm close to halfway through my journey.

I no longer count on this thing dubbed "will power." There are days when I'm gung-ho about eating low carb, and honestly, other days, I do wonder if it's even worth it. (This is that little chubby fat girl inside me that wants her cake! I keep her mostly stifled and I'm slowly killing her off and getting her to like salad). I'm just being realistic because I want other people to know that it's natural not to be GUNG-HO *all* the time.

What is different now... is that I have a plan. On the days I want to just throw the towel in, I allow myself low carb "junk food" when I feel the need to cram my face with something sweet, loaded with fat, and high-calorie. Sometimes, I even binge. I'm FAR from perfect and I do not eat as "clean" as I should.... but this is about progress, not perfection... and making better choices each day.

Thanks so much for reading, but please, don't think that what I'm doing is a perfect example... Dr. Atkins would be rolling over in his grave at the amount of cheese I sometimes consume! I do find it VERY helpful to log what I do eat... because I tend to eat less when I do that... and also, mostly, to track what is working.... Oh, and mostly, so you guys can all kick my ass if I go off my plan!

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  1. Don't kill her off. Ask her why she needs the food that will only hurt the both of you.