Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 118... trying to get more lean!

Day 118

- Low carb french vanilla protein shake with a scoop of french vanilla protein powder, 1 T natural peanut butter (chunky), half cup water, a few ice cubes, Sweetleaf Stevia, 1 heaping teaspoon sugar free butterscotch pudding mix, shredded unsweetened coconut, all blended with my stick blender
- 100 calorie pack (0.63 oz) cocoa roasted almonds = 2 carbs (portion control for the win!)
- Low carb pancakes with two sausage patties... all with Walden's pancake syrup
- Double cheeseburger on an oopsie roll with tomato, onions, mayo and reduced sugar ketchup

Nancy - I would say for the whole shake, it has about eight carbs or so maybe ten... I'm just estimating though... 3 carbs for the protein powder... 2 for the peanut butter, 2 for the pudding mix, and maybe 2 for the coconut... I love this shake! it tastes too good to be true. You could add heavy cream, but I don't that to my shakes because I'm trying to watch my dairy intake... I am a cheese-a-holic so I like to reserve lots of my dairy for that.

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